Wednesday, October 18


Yesterday I walked into Earnest's office rather shyly. Earnest is the Pastor of Worship and Arts at my church. He'd heard that I play the guitar, so he pointed to a guitar and asked me to play.

I froze. I clam up in situations when it seems I'm supposed to impress someone musically. I think it's because I taught myself how to play guitar when I was a (very lonely) sixteen, and all I learned to play were the worship tunes from the 1982 Young Life songbook.

Every guitar-player has some token songs that they pull out of their pocket at a party. I have zero. I've always liked when people would play Blackbird as their token song. It's a lovely little Beatles tune, it is. One time when my dear friend, Elise played Blackbird (note for note) in our Portugal living room, it made me cry.

I think I even sighed to Earnest, "I'm not going to be able to play you anything impressive like 'Blackbird' or anything."

Then I made myself laugh (that's not difficult) as I played him some old Messianic-clapping-song (I think that's the official name of the genre) that always makes me want to dance. (It also makes me wish I were Hebrew.) "Awake, Oh Israel." Great song.

So, I came home and taught myself "Blackbird" late last night. The tablature thoroughly confused and outright intimidated me at first. Learning that litte song was suprisingly one of the most satisfying things I've done in awhile. But, it's still not as fun to play as those old worship songs from 1982.


Cari Base said...

Hi! I like you! Samm got engaged! I'm so happy! So so so happy! I feel like it's one of the most redeeming things that's happened in so long. And First Day of My Life is one of my all-time favorite songs. And it's their song. And he took her back to Washington to do it, back to the mountains, to a fire tower, in the autumn.
Lovely. I have butterflies Jenelle. I feel like I just got engaged. Lol, this is so silly. Thank you Jesus. You are so rad. So good, so good. May we love even your name.

spain dad said...

Hey Jenelle!

I know exactly what you're talking about!

We had some friends in Madrid that used to sit around all night and play Beatles songs (and others everyone could sing along with).

I never mentioned I played guitar because when it comes to the kind of songs everyone can sing along with, I don't know any. None!

Until last year when I finally taught myself "Mr. Jones." I felt equally as ecstatic afterwards.

(I still don't think I'd play it in front of my friends in Madrid, though...not yet).

lisa said...

the good thing about me is that i play nothing but i can dance to anything :-) ha ha! good for you for learning blackbird. trevor is playing bob dylan these days. "when your rooster crows at the break of dawn/look out your window and i'll be gone/you're the reason i'm travelin' on/don't think twice it's alright"

go nelly!