Sunday, August 20

Kitty theology

I used to hate cats. Then one day Jane brought home a little kitty named, "Gus," and he won my heart. I cried like a baby the day I had to give him away to a new Mama, on account of my leaving Portugal. And then I made a ridiculous tribute to him here: Gus the Cat has a Myspace.

I miss Gus. I hope he'll be in heaven with me one day, chatting up a storm with his incessant meows. What do you's reckon about pets and eternity?


lisa said...

Well, I'm a firm believer that all the dogs I have loved are in heaven. Didn't we read together in Ecc about "who knows if the spirit of an animal goes down into the ground and the spirit of man goes up?" How much fun could eternity be without animals anyway?

BTW, I am sitting in my living room with Jesse, Trev, Dane and Colin. We are watching videos of Front Door's final gig last night at Lotus with Triplet and Humble. They had way too much fun. And tonight we had a magic time at Guincho baptizing Colin, Jade and Traudie. Wow, I'm sure I can't spell her name. But OH! It was the most wonderful night. Now come home, you!

spain dad said...

Hi Jenelle. Just wanted to stop by and say meow.

Loving the blog so far. Keep it up!

jenelle said...

oh Lisa, it seems so long ago that you, Jas, and I were sitting at a table in Sao Joao reading Ecclesiastes! Was that the first book we LTGed? I'm finally reading through Ezekiel again.