Wednesday, August 30

Leavin on a jet plane

During my last days in Portugal I stayed with my dear friends (they are family), the Bordens. The night before my flight I stayed up all night to try to get my body back on American time. (And because I was still sorting through all those piles of files from my apartment in Sao Joao.) I was desperately trying to pack up my life in as few bags as possible. If Superman hadn't walked into the living room when he did, I'd still be in the Borden's living room blankly staring at all of my stuff, in a foggy haze. Lisa picks up the story about her Superman, here on her beautiful blog.

  • Lisa's Story

  • Pray for these sweet Bordens: Lisa, Byron, Colin, and Heather. They are on a plane right now for furlough in California, after packing up their whole life and sending it ahead of them to Tanzania.

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    deliciana said...

    hello friend! i just reinstated my reviews section--you can find it at the very top of my page, and it is under delice's travel discoveries--I think. :S or it's the most recently added one anyway. I haven't updated recently but i'll work on that now. :) and my hugs and love are all yours, sister-friend... any time, any place!