Tuesday, December 5

One Thing

(I'm kicking myself a bit, because I meant to post this about a month ago. I think part of the reason I waited was because I wanted to have something uber-creative to say to introduce my Elise. But I don't. I just really want you to listen to this new song of her's. Because it's really nice. And because in it she's singing all about how I am being Martha and not Mary, at the moment. It would do me good to sit down cross-legged like a little girl and just listen to the words of Jesus.)

I met Elise in Portugal. One of my favorite and earliest memories of her was when she sat down on my bed with her guitar and told me her story. Song after song, she went through her last few teenage years. Her songs are part of her story, so when she sings them, she's offering a peek at her heart. I'm a huge fan. Not just of her songs, but mostly her heart.

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One Thing - by Elise Witek

I dig to find you
Under a pile of notes and lists
You’re working towards a goal that doesn’t exist

So here’s a trash can
Empty out your mind
Would you like to listen?
Or do you not have the time.

Cross your legs dear
Like you did as a child
Sit at my feet and know your burden is mine

One thing is needed
Preparing is only a waste
One thing is needed
It will never be taken away

You wouldn’t be busy
If you stepped away from the task
Spent time with your Daddy
To get the strength that you lack

Don’t bother setting the table
This isn’t the main course
All that’s here is worthless
So just sit here on the floor

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