Thursday, October 18

The Majors: God's Theater

I've been reading through the major and minor prophets since summertime. I have some observations on the bigguns, the majors. I've scribbled them in my journal. (Feel free to add or subtract.)

What I Notice in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel:

1. God is willing to put the prophets on a stage and write them rated-R scripts in order to get the audience's attention.
2. Obedience ushers in life and rescue.
3. The prophet boys experienced some measure of astral-travel in their mystic encounters with God.
4. Exile was a gift of mercy to Israel.
5. God empowers sign, symbol, and metaphor.
6. The role of prophet includes being both a Watchperson and a Warner in order to persuade the people to turn towards God.
7. God has a special concern for his holiness being shown to the nations.
8. There is so much grace in God's wrath, particularly in his relenting.
9. God really likes palm trees as decorations!
10. God allows us to reap what we sow.
11. More often than not, God chooses to speak through some artistic devices or metaphor. I like that.

(Theater photo by Abbyladybug.)


lisa, far away said...

I'm liking #5 and #8 especially.

And God likes pomegranate decorations too!

I'm sitting up in my bed in a youth hostel in Seville. Sleeping in the bed to my left is the ever beautiful, fantastic and shining Baba :-)

Mel said...

I'm reading through the old testament and Im' in Isaiah at the moment. I like #2, #4, and #8. Those are the things that have been most impressed upon me lately anyway.

Its funny how people will say that the God of the OT is this angry, wrathful, mean God - when actually the pages are dripping with grace, compassion, and deliverance.

Beth said...

Great list!

olivia said...

yeah....i am a huge, huge fan of metaphor. and i agree with mel, that God seems to be more a God of grace, compassion, and deliverance than a mean God. great wording.

Mel said...

I miss your posts Nellers! :(

Joy said...

Nelly where ARE you? We miss you! Are we gonna have to put out an APB again? Mel, you should get on that :)

Anonymous said...

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