Friday, October 12

Salsa in the Reference Section

Old books make me high. Tonight there's this crazy four-hour art tour that starts at the Pasadena Central Library, and goes all around old-town. This is the same library that took my breath away as I first approached its welcoming old European fountain a few days ago.

The children's corridor is large and magnificent enough to do cartwheels through. If one should desire to do such a thing.

I like free Friday night happenings.

Rumor has it that there will be many surprises tonight for the art-tour. I heard that there will be free Salsa lessons in the Reference section of the library. Dancing in the Reference section!

(Photo of Pasadena Library by Libraryman.)


Joy said...

i think public libraries are fantastic. i wrote my blog from one the other day and talked about them :) they're wonderful, aren't they?
ps-the nashville public library has a bumper sticker that says "a city with a great library is a great city". ha. i found that amusing :)

Jenelle said...

Joy, I heard that the woman who started the Pasadena library system had a vision that, "Everyone should be able to walk to a library." There are consequently 10 libraries in the relatively small city of Pasadena.

I'll check out your post, thanks!

lisa, far away said...

I love the Pasadena Central Library! It's so beautiful that even going there to do research work with my boyfriend (WAY back in high school) felt like a date!

And guess what? I did cartwheels on the lawn with Colin and Heather a couple of days ago! Ha! Not in Pasadena, mind you. In Tanzania! I told them I didn't think I could cartwheels anymore but then I tried and they were so impressed. I was MORE impressed, though :-)

I'm in Spain!

Jenelle said...

Lisa, It is cute to imagine you as a little teenager going to that Library with your boyfriend.

Didn't we try to coax Byron into doing some cartwheels while I was there with you in Arusha?

Good for you for bringing them back!

libraryman said...

A great place for some dancing, for sure. :) Thanks for the photo linkage!


Jenelle said...

thanks for providing the great photo, libraryman!

Sarah said...

This morning at my temp job at this Law Office, I was helping replace things back on the shelves of their newly renovated kitchen. And amongst the sodas and plates and Fed Ex envelopes, there were these dusty old law books which made me cough, but the smell made me feel nastalgic, even though these dusty books weren't filled with imaginative stories that I associate with old books, and just a bunch of boring laws, the smell reminded me of timeless imagination.

Anonymous said...

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