Monday, November 20

I Heart (Passion) Mail

And I wish I could speak Dutch to understand what this site says: (translated) "Passion Mail". (Somebody help!) But it's so beautiful and simple that you really must glance through it. Their business has something to do with making creative snail mail. That makes me happy. When I grow up I want to work for them. (Thanks again for the sweet bloggy stuff, Marc...)


Gijs said...

I can translate it for you, if you wish. The main page says, in the left upper corner (blue): "By passion mail" and "contact" (I guess you figured that out). The buttons say: "Taste the atmosphere", "What is passion mail?", "View passion mail", "(to) Hire (us)", links, and "Passion mail workers".

I'm sure they speak English, so you can just send them an e-mail if you want to.

Greetings from the Netherlands, Gijs.

Anonymous said...

Hello, nice to read that a week after we lounced the site, English people want to read it! So, I'm going to think to make an English version, so the whole world can hire us! Making beatiful handmade post, that's the point.

Greetings from Passiepostbeambte Heina.

jenelle said...

Hooray! An English version! Hire me, please, Heina and Gijs! I want to make beautiful handmade post for a living! Can I send you a resume of images I've pasted together, or something cute like that?

Gijs said...

Haha, unfortunately I'm not part of the Passion Mail team. I got on your blog from Marcs blog. I saw you wanted to know what the Passion Mail website said, so I decided to help you out a bit. I didn't have the patience to translate the entire website, so I'll leave that up to them.