Wednesday, November 1

Mad Crazy Drumming Skills

I have a tendency to play the air-drums while running. My friend, Ben, from Triplet taught me a few beats when I was in Portugal. Jesse Borden made me two beautiful African djembes that I'm still learning to play. So my church put an old practice drum kit in my office! (It's missing some things, though, like...cymbals). I pretty much want to be this little kid.

Posted By:Brehmer

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Rachel said...

I love it Nelly. : ) I can just see you stamping your feet along with the beat. Hey, I went out with a guy tonight who double majored in creative writing and percussion...crazy, huh? Keen to catch up with you soon! Love. R

cari base said...

yes and yes:)
we will bear hug for a real long time when you arrive.
come stay, I'll talk to Isabel, even if for just one night. don't worry, it won't be too crammed.
oh, and tell me what you think of that sufjan! (when you have time to thoroughly enjoy it)

Cari Base said...

Your Junior Miss sounds fun. I think mine was quite a bit different from yours (like I did it when I was 17 and 18) shhh!

cat said...

saudades tuas tambem


lisa said...

ok hello! is there nothing to blog about in santa barbara?? hint hint ;-)

Bruno said...

Hey Nelly!
Happy Birthday!!
That's funny about the air drums. I kind of do that at traffic lights when I'm driving. And use the brake as the bass drum pedal.

God bless and have a great day.


jenelle said...

Break pedals for the kick, Bruno? You're perpetrating the Portuguese highway-danger-stats! But it still makes me laugh and miss you and Portugal.

I know, I know, Lisa! I'm sorry for the break, blog-master-B. You're all the way out in the wild in Tanzania, and you still find a way to post. How do you do that? It was too good to see you in Pasadena last week.

lisa said...

you little stinker! i can't believe you didn't even remind me it was your bday week coming up when we were together and we were talking about elise's bday and everything! i had it in my head you were an april bday. well, i'm just going to have to DO SOMETHING about your bday in a belated way!

No, It's BlackJack. said...

Stew Is that you??