Monday, November 27

To Title, or Not to Title

Maybe I am being too uber-analytical, but I wonder if I need to put some words up there. I think someone taught me once that every piece of writing needs a good title.


lisa said...

hello :-) i don't really think the poll it lame but i thought it was funny to check that one. actually, i've never even noticed there is no title. that's how observant i am! i like you in whatever package you come in.

Cari said...

Jenelle, are you in London?

cari said...

Wow London, rad! I'm so happy you are there! For how long? Yes, I love that album mucho. Yesterday I ordered Snow Angel too. I like their website. Tomorrow I'm going for a bike ride! So I finally sent your letter yesterday... should be there like on Wednesday. I'm looking up plane ticket prices to Tennessee for Samm's wedding- they're like $500 though! But this lady said I could have all her frequent flier miles. Maybe they'll work for this. Ok well I love you Nelly, have a great time in the UK!

ps- I bought boots today:)

cat said...

you already have the link title "hello said jenelle" which is already cool, and enough if no title name "hits you";)

My mother just came back from london yesterday, maybe you passed each other by on the street (or probably not cause london is huge, eheh)