Tuesday, September 12

As Storm Clouds Gather

I have often been moved by books that slip under the radar screen of popular approval. (In fact, I tend to duck from those ones. I'm a little stubborn and prideful, I know.) This book is one of those quiet messengers: "As Storm Clouds Gather: A Sleeping Church Must Be Awakened," by Jim Maher. I am only five chapters into it, but it is asking me to reexamine words that Jesus said...the ones that I always, well, sort of skimmed over. Especially Matthew 24. If you are intrigued, forget the book, but go and read that chapter and let me know if anything stirs in you. (I heart when people leave comments to tell me they're reading this bloggy-thing.) I'll be checking back as I try to finish it before I leave it on my friend's bookshelf here in Kansas City.


Allison Brooks said...

jenelle...i'm reading your "bloggy-thing"...first time...love you!

lisa said...

hey girlie! haven't checked in for a while. just to say i would like to read this book. i am SO like you in that i have pride and rebellion about popular books. i could give you a fine list of good books i don't want to read. ha ha!