Tuesday, September 26

Chesterton for the iPod Generation

Until the end of September, Sermon Cloud is offering a free audio book download of G.K. Chesterton's classic, Orthodoxy. Go to Sermon Cloud and scroll down to the bottom right corner for the banner. It's not a hoax. I just downloaded the baby. No credit card or anything. Boo-yah.

I have been wanting to read Chesterton for ages. He's been on the proverbial unending list of read-that's. (Maybe now my iPod will help.) Chesterton's name has been creeping up on my thoughts a lot more these days, especially after talking with my new friend Linnea, in Kansas City. Linnea is writing a book about how she sees the Church mimicking the outrageous architecture of Gaudi's (yet unfinished) La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. She talked of Chesterton as if he were her Grandfather. Her writing is good. Very good. Linnea's words paint pictures as rich as the stuff she puts on canvases. Of course she made me want to read G.K. At least now I'll get him narrated to me by a guy with a nice British accent.

Thanks to Andrew Maude for the noisy drawing-design above. Good boy.

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stew said...

I love Chesterton... I think he has more to say to our generation than any other writer, even of our times.