Sunday, September 24

How to Rest in America - part 1

(This post has nothing to do with my cat, Gus. I just really miss him. He's back in Portugal with a wonderful new family.)

I had a teary-fight with God a few days ago. I know he's asking me to spend time back here in the USA to Rest. But, I said, I don't know how to rest in America anymore. I know how to rest in Portugal, but I'm not there! He calmed me down. In my journal I started scribbling a running list of ideas.

1. Listen for God's voice first.
2. Listen to music loud.
3. Make Re-cycled stationary.
4. Read outdoors where you can smell Creation.
5. Write people written notes. Mail them.
6. Look for new and creative ways to feast on God's Words. You tend to starve on cheap imitations. Fast food is gross, girl.
7. Play instruments like Jesus is the only one in the room. Joyful noises!
8. Resist American over-indulgent impulses. (They are many.)
9. Run and stretch at sundown.
10. Go to the Farmer's Market. Eat 5 a day. (Veg-Fruits, not Farmers.)
11. Get a Part-time job that you can walk to. You want work that won't follow you home.
12. Put some legs on your old-writing. Then, send it to strangers.
13. Sing aloud your prayers and questions much more often.
14. Stay connected with old friends. But don't get addicted to the Net.
15. Journal and Blog about Portugal.
16. Make your family meals with the freshest stuff possible.
17. Give away the things you don't need. Simplicity is Sabbath. (See also: Barbara Leite.)

I think 17 could keep me busy for awhile.


lisa said...

Simplicity is Sabbath! Oh my gosh! That's the most beautiful thing I ever read!

I love you, miss you, hug you, kiss you! I gave Heather her little Cheerios note from you and she smiled... and then cried cuz she misses you :-(

jenelle said...

oh! I miss Heather, I miss you, I miss Byron, I miss Trevor, I miss Jesse! But I'll see you in a month! Wooo! I need to send Heather more weird mail.

jenelle said...

and I miss Colin, too, of course! I hope he's still watching Arsenal play online!

Jesse said...

i love your resting. i like your blog too. i need to read it more.
wow you do come in a month dont you!
i cant wait!
did you hear my crap news!?! i have lice. i am in the process of killing every last little one. but there is the possibility that this will result in the end of the dreads. i am trying to warn ppl if it comes to that. but for now i will be putting up a good fight and continueing in massacreing the lice and their children and their children's children.

Melissa said...

Nelly I love reading your blog. Simplicity is Sabbath - that is a fantastic motto. I have lately been overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" and "american over-indulgence" in my life.

I have been in america 2 years now, and i still struggle to rest here. its hard. I like your list. I think I am going to make one for myself, and I'm going to start giving things away. today.

thank you nellers. :) i love you and miss you