Sunday, September 3

View from the clouds

I am on a plane headed to Kansas City. There’s a nice view. I salute Southwest Airlines. They are cheap. (Ahem…the flight from Denver to KC cost the same as filling up my car’s gas tank in Portugal.) And they serve plane-shaped crackers! They are such a crack-up when they give the safety-instructions. Today our stewardess said, “Please put your seats in their upright, most uncomfortable positions…Yada yada yada.” She really said the “yadas.” Excellent.

I am jumping out of my skin in excitement that I’m heading to KC for ten days. The first three days I’ll be at the mission base for 24-7 Prayer USA. The last week I’ll be at the International House o’ Prayer mission base. 24-7 Prayer and IHOP are two different expressions of the same basic vision: non-stop, around-the-clock prayer to impact the nations. Both of these prayer movements began in September 1999: 24-7 in Europe, and IHOP in Kansas City. I think God is up to something. I wanna be a part of it.

24-7 Prayer Movement
International House of Prayer (IHOP)


Rachel said...

Hey Nelly! I'm glad to hear that your travels are going well; you sound like you're in good spirits. I'll be flying southwest on Friday, so I'll have to look out for the plane-shaped crackers. I haven't encountered those yet. I'm looking forward to hearing about CO! Love you. R

lisa said...

hello nellers!
i'm happy tonight knowing that you are at the 24-7 base. cool. i had a nice time with a girl named Emily in santa barbara who works with homeless people there through the rescue mission. she is real sweet and she's from madison and used to go the church that wendy came from, though she was there over five years ago when it was small. funny little world of connections. well, i miss you. yes, miss you much.