Saturday, September 23

Weeding through the Web

(We interrupt this eleven-day blog "hmmmm" on the Church in the End Times for a brief breath of garden air.)

When I first arrived in Portugal with Jane, back in 2003, I stayed with the lovely Luxton family. The Luxtons have an outrageous garden. I couldn't stop sitting in it. One day in that garden I took this picture in a (grappling) attempt to be cute. And to have a cute entrance page to my (now defunct) hellosaidjenelle dot com website. (Thank you, Gideon and Tim. You both worked really hard to help me get web-settled.)

This here bloggy-blog is a resurrection of that there website. The one that I failed to maintain. Little things hidden in the HTML (which I don't speak) kept creeping up on me and driving me insane. The website started to feel like a garden with too many weeds. I got bored with it and just stopped weeding. And then it died. Sad story.

Raise your hand if you remember that old site. Ok good. I really don't want to let this blog get overgrown with weeds. Please shout at me if I go any longer than a week without a new post. Especially if I don't give a decent reason, like say, I'm out weeding in Mama's garden. (Ma, do we have a garden? We should get a garden. Or at least a kitty.)

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