Sunday, February 11

Grocery Listing

Greetings from defunct blogdom and from Pasadena*, California, home of the original Trader Joe's**! I am mad about this grocery store. It's fresh, organic, cheap, and witty. And they have free samples! I love free samples! And it's not so monstrous a store that I need a map to find my way around.

I miss the days in Portugal when I'd go down to the tiny corner store in Sao Joao and only buy enough food for the next three meals. There was Sabbath in the freshness of what we could prepare in those days. I keep an old Portuguese grocery receipt in my Bible to remind me.

Maybe our grocery receipts tell a lot about our hearts. I think mine is missing southern Europe.

My Trader Joe's Receipt
flatbread 1.49
blue lake green beans 2.49
organic wheat penne 0.99
organic tricolor radiatore 1.69
roma tomatoes 1.79
genova pesto 2.79
organic baby romaine 1.99
sliced mozzarella 3.49
sliced calabrese salami 1.89
sliced roast beef 3.99
bananas 0.95
salted butter 1.99
1/2 dozen organic eggs 1.79

*I'm in Pasadena to take a two-week course on "Ministering to Street Children" at Fuller.

**Thank you, dear Lisa and Byron for the tea today, and for the ride to Trader Joe's!

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