Monday, February 12

Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice

I get in these funny moods when I'm sure that if I don't list out the little details of my life at the moment, then I will most assuredly turn into a crazy lady. The brilliant irony of it all is that I don't necessarily have to cross-out or even do things on the list. It's just the making of the list that makes me feel sane.

And here we have another...

Things I'd Like to Blog About Soon
1. How Dollar Rent-a-Car scammed me today, and the letter I'm writing them.
2. My falling off the decaf-only coffee wagon.
3. The book Transforming Power (Robert Linthicum) and how its boring cover never hinted that its contents would move me so much about justice.
4. The Militancy of Worship - part 2
5. What being an INFP means for me (aka. Myers Briggs Mumbo-Jumbo).
6. My 24-7 Prayer Room Reflections (from rooms in Santa Barbara, small town MD, Portugal, Italy)
7. What I've learned from Oliver, my new German church-planter friend.
8. How Jesus calmed me through The Shins new record this week.
9. Valentines Day is a sham, and I'll prove it.
10. What happens when you're starved for solitude.
11. Dreaming of living in an intentional, messy community.
12. When you're lost, but not so far away.


Rachel said...

Gosh, I miss you. And I miss sharing groceries with you. Love, R

lisa said...

please write all of this asap.... of course it will have to fit into your new patterns that started yesterday, right?? :=_

lisa said...

hey, that was supposed to be a :-) at the end of that last comment