Tuesday, February 27

One Englishman's View of America

Brian Heasley is the infamous 24-7 Prayer man in Ibiza. I appreciate how honestly and hilariously he blogs about following Jesus in Europe. He's originally from the UK, but now he walks out a life of prayer, community, and creative mission in Europe's wildest party isle. You can read about 24-7 Prayer Ibiza here.

Brian just returned from speaking at a conference in D.C. called Awaken the Dawn. The line-up included other outstanding folks like Heidi Baker (Iris Ministries), Lou Engle (JHOP + The Cause), and Allen Hood (IHOP). (I would've really liked to go, if I hadn't been on the left coast.) Now that he's back, Brian's just posted a quick list of his reflections on America. His list is great stuff.
Here are 8 of my favorites:

+ It's big
+ You could get fat living there
+ Not many people walk anywhere
+ JFK airport is crap
+ There is a hunger for God
+ We have lots of generalisations about America, many of which are wrong
+ Venison in lasagne works
+ Don't mention the war

Read the rest of Brian's reflections on America.


cari said...

Lol, don't mention the war.
Oh Jenelle, I wish you were in my international politics class, if only to discuss things with you, of which I have so many questions.
It is really tough to change backgrounds. Believe me, I spent about 30 minutes trying to find one today, and theyr'e all too dark. You should email me a good (light) photo for it. Or some art.
Death Cab's Transatlanticism is a really true song I think.
"The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row, it seems farther than ever before, and I need you so much closer..."
I miss you Nelly. Maybe we can meet in Frisco or Georgia in May. Maybe you can come to the granola PacNW this summer. Spring is coming, don't lose hope.

Brian Heasley said...

I am glad you like lists, ''ill do some more.

jenelle said...

That "Transatlanticism" song is one of my favorites. It has been the soundtrack of shoddy movies I've made. I miss you, too. I'm holding out for spring.

jenelle said...

Please make me s'more lists. I do enjoy them so. cheers.

John Baw said...

Excellent stuff Jenelle. "Don't mention the war" hahaha

America & England...hmmmm..."two countries separated by a common language" :)tgthwafg