Monday, March 5

All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

After a long day at Ski Roundtop, the whole mess of us came home happy and injury-free. (Thank you for praying, if that was you.)

What I Learned While Tumbling Down the Icy P.A. Mountain

1. Snowboarding is not at all like skateboarding.
2. I'm far better at snowboarding in my imagination than on the mountain.
3. Ski-pants really are necessary, to avoid getting snow in your crevices.
4. When snowboarding with teenagers, bring extra gloves with you on the lift, because inevitably someone will forget their gloves and need your's.
5. Snowboarding without gloves can cause slightly bleeding knuckles.

On a different note, the illustrustious instrumental band, Explosions In The Sky has just released an unbelievable record that you should own. The Austin-based band must've traced my emotions to entitle the album, All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. Their fourth album is brilliantly swirling with melodies of wordless hope. Listening to this record today made me feel like Jesus had stuck an i.v. of pulsing joy into my arm. The Explosions boys even added a piano to their post-rockin' line-up on a couple tracks. Oh happy day.

Check out a free mp3 of the record's second track here. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone is available on iTunes, and also here.

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