Friday, March 23

Not Bad For Twelve Days

Here's an update on my CNBC million dollar challenge. My portfolio says that in the last 12 days, my (faux) stock holdings have increased over $50,000! 5% gains in less than 2 weeks. And all that from only the companies I use and believe in. My Dad keeps congratulating me on how well I've invested/traded my fake money. If only it were this easy with the real deal. I can't wait till I'm totally debt free and free to give more away.

Our church staff is reading The Purpose Driven Church together, and, regardless of my thoughts on church, I keep thinking of how cool it is that Rick Warren gives away 90% of his income, after making all that dough on his books.

The Nelly will now be giving fair-trade stock advice for the small price of buying her a cup of good coffee. (Charles Schwabby, eat your heart out.)

(Thanks to Flickr lady P.Mitchell for sharing the Nasdaq photo.)


cari said...

Hi Nelly,
Thanks for the comment. What job do you think you got in California? Is it in the Barb or around Fuller? Yeah, I think you have to be 24 to file as an independent. He is really good though. It's good to be in a place of not knowing. I forgot I have to trust him I think. Maybe we can talk on the telly sometime. Miss you friend,
PS, if you're here May 5th, I've got an extra ticket to Bright Eyes....

Rachel said...

Lisa was right -- you really are "at large!" Hope you're enjoying CA! Talk to you soon. R