Saturday, March 10

My Million Dollar Challenge

So my Dad signed me up to play in the CNBC "Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge." CNBC gives you $1,000,000 in fake money, you spend it on stocks, and then each week they award someone $10k in real cash for having the hottest portfolio. The top dawg wins the real million.
My entry in this game is beyond laughable considering I know far more about making chicken stock than I do about trading NASDAQ stocks. But I must admit, it's a pretty fun game. Especially because it's all fake money.

I'm sure I won't win, because I basically only picked stocks in corporations I support with my business in every day life, and the ones that seem the least exploitive towards the marginalized. In three days, I've made $5k! (Grazie to British Airways and

Tonight my Dad is playing in a Texas Hold-em Poker tourney, and he just called to ask us to pray because he made it to the final table. Dad's pretty great at poker. (And when he wins, he shares his winnings with me. He's a sweet Daddy, he is.)

I really don't understand why well-meaning folks condemn things like poker-playing, but pay no issue with the billions gambled away with money piled up in stocks. Particularly when many of the corporations who are winning them gains are doing so on the backs of workers who still cannot earn a living wage.


John said...


Very true with other forms of gambling. And I think we, well I know I, spend money on all kinds of crap that is worse than gambling--it just goes nowhere. Hope your Dad wins!

Rachel said...

Unrelated to your post:

Enjoy. : )

Rachel said...

PS. (I forgot this part):

"bring your 3D glasses for mad fun yo"

-- portugal the man

jenelle said...

My Daddy didn't win first, but he made it to the last table...moolah for me! Yay Dad!

jenelle said...

Portugal the Man had my attention with their trippy web art till I realized they misspelled "contact."