Monday, March 12

My Visual DNA

Here's an interesting 21st century personality test. It's all done according to the images that appeal to you. The written analysis was quite on target with me, in a bizarre sort of way. I'm still not sure how I feel about being called an "Escape Artist" (to supplement being a "Rogue Wanderer," I might add...). Thanks to curious Brian in Ibiza for the cool idea.


Rachel said...

Okay, so I broke down and took the test as well. I actually quite liked it. Cheers for sharing. : )

And for now broadcasting to blogland that I am "touchy-feely."

jenelle said...

I'm glad I could lure you in! I'm glad we can shamelessly enjoy the shallowness of silly tests together. While you have Magdalena in your living room get that Swedish darling blogging!