Thursday, January 25

10 Books for 2007

I'm little disappointed with myself that I still haven't finished part deux of that Militancy of Worship post. But in the meantime, I'd like to celebrate two things with you.

One. Twenty-four days into 2007, and I've still consumed zero drops of high-test coffee! I think my body is less mad at me now. In 2006 the caffeine tanks in my inner being were really beginning to freak out. Honestly, the fact that I blogged about going decaf made me feel even more accountable to really following through. So, thank you! Lurkers and non, one and all!

Dos. Onething that I took away from "Onething" in Kansas City is this: I need a personal strategy to know God's words. To really know them, in context, and in depth. So, I've taken Mike Bickle's advice (Dr. Bobby Clinton's, too), and I've picked 10 books that I want to focus on studying this year. I'll fetch 2 commentaries to read alongside the books. I'm usually very anti-systematic when it comes to reading the Scriptures. But I'm celebrating this new plan, because I think it'll help me stay focused on the things I really want to study in 2007: Jesus, David, and the (intense) End-Times Visions.

Here are my 10.

Now that I know that blogging works as decent accountability, I'll try to check in from time to time with what I'm learning. I've divided the books up into months, so that I know when I'll study what. I'm starting out in Zechariah. The commentaries I'm using for ol' Z. (Thomas Constable, Merrill Unger) really are quite helpful.

Inquiring (Nelly) minds want to know:
(1) If you read the Bible, what are you reading lately?
(2) Have you ever used/developed a personal study plan that's been helpful?


lisa said...

hey, something weird happened to me. i go caffeine free from time to time for a stretch and then i go back into the joy of "real" tea and soon my body is a tea junky again. well, i went caff-free for a month some time ago and since then i can take it or leave it. like two weeks ago with the 24-7prayer crew, i lived on black tea all day long all week. then i come home and go back to Trader Joe's organic mint and my body doesn't even care. no caff-longings or headaches or general grumpiness. so weird. (and nice.)

jenelle said...

that is nice, Lisa. I haven't had any grumpinses, either. I'm drinking just as much coffee as before, only now I'm loving my body a little bit more with the decaf-drip.

hmmm...I'm not totally caffeine free, though. I've just cut out the 3-4 cups of caffeinated coffee and substituted decaf.

Seth and Melissa said...

I just cleaned the kitchen and was about to start making some Saturday evening bread but decided to take a short kitchen break and check what's been going on in the world of Nelly for the last few weeks. Your ten book/one year study plan sounds great. I'm so bad at the follow up on such things - power to you! A few years ago I studied 1 Thes. using a cool method that was time consuming (you only study one verse at a time) but really helped me drink up things I'd missed in the text. It'd be way too in depth to use for all of the books you've got lined up, but maybe it would work for snips and stories that you've read a million times. Here's how it works. Write out (verbatim) the verse you're studying that day). Then write the message of that verse: what is going on in just that one verse in your own words. Then write the context: in your own words write what is happening in the verse before and the verse after the one you're focusing on). Then write out any questions you can come up with regarding that verse. Then write an application that's relevant to you based on the day's study. The next day you do all of that with the next verse, and so on. If that's too complicated to follow I can send you an example of a day's study via email. Like I said, it's realy in depth but it's a great way to go deeper with a chapter or story. Those Navigators. . . they know how to go deep with their Bible's. -Melissa