Monday, January 15

Lurking Remixed

I know I am greatly digressing from more Militant subjects, but I'd like to turn the record around on the subject of lurking. My last post caused a scuffle of a few emails my way, with a few folk saying, "Hello! I'm not a lurker, but..." as if lurking is a bad-word. And then sweet Lisa reminded me that to lurk does not make one a jerk! And then my dear Mama said, "You have lurkers?!! Oh, Jenelle, that doesn't sound very good. Can they find out where you live??"

I want to scratch the record and mix it up a little, dj-style. I think we've accidentally equated this new techno-word, "lurker" with the old school idea of a "peeping tom." Oh! But it isn't so, ladies and gents! And if you're a lurker, I still like you! Lurk away! I'd say that most of the time:

A lurker is good natured!
A lurker is well-read!
A lurker keeps their comments
Safe snug in their head.
Or else they comment
To their dear sweet Mom,
Who might say a lurker
Is a net Peeping Tom.

(Peeper image from the movie Peeping Tom)


lisa said...

oh my word, jenelle, where did i get you? you are so funny and i like you so much! where on earth did you find that amazing photo for this post?

lurk on little girl!

John Smulo said...

You are the funniest blogger in blogdom; the silliest gal in the blogosphere. If only they had an award for that kind of thang :-)

Your Mom really cracked me up too, with her comments. Very sweet.

jenelle said...

{blushing} Thanks, Lisa and John. I like you a lot, too. Just trying to lighten it up around here...

John Baw said...

"Hello", said John, in the spirit of not wanting to be labeled a lurker....

Rachel said...

I like your remixes. : ) lurk lurk.

Steve Hayes said...

I'm coming out of lurk mode to say I liked your post. Hurk, hurk the lurk.