Wednesday, January 3

Higher Grounds

I'm back in Smalltown, MD after my trip to Onething, and I'm taking fizzy Airborne tablets to fight the oncoming symptoms of flu-gunk. (The teacher-invented fizz of Echinacea and C tastes surprisingly nice.) And then I get this friendly email from Amazon telling me how I should get Len Sweet's new book, The Gospel According to Starbucks, and I wonder if Big Brother is watching me. I was planning on blogging on coffee and God today, after all.

Sound the alarms. The Nelly is going Decaf in 2007. She has become hopelessly addicted to high-test coffee, and it's gone on for far too long. What was it that God said to Cain in early Genesis? "Caffeine is creeping at your door, it desires to have you...But you must master it!"

In other news, I've learned from more grandfatherly, hipster, and experienced bloggers that it's fashionable to do a year-end blog rewind, thus noting their top 5 most popular posts of the year. Well, being that I've really only been blogging faithfully since September 2006, I'll only note the one post that stole the most conversation in my first months in the blogosphere.

(Experimentally-Rocked-Drum-Roll, Please)

My #1 Most Popular Post of 2006:
Help Wanted - A simple poll asking you, the people, to help me pick a part-time job. 46% of you voted that I work as a Starbucks Barista. And then all hell broke loose. Which then brought on the following post: Would Jesus Drink at Starbucks?

I must say, if I weren't already knee-deep in reading for two fresh new Fuller classes, I'd probably grab this interesting new book by the pomo legend, Leonard Sweet. But for now, I'm sticking with Decaf Joe and The Shaping of Things to Come.


Rachel said...

Woah, no caffeine for you -- Go Nelly, go! I had a hard time making it a month last year, so you have my mega-respect. A few years ago, my friend Rebecca's mother-in-law felt God prompting her to give up coffee (including decaf) and caffeine PERMANENTLY. Yikes. I hope the Airborne kicks in quickly, and you feel better. Talk to you soon. Love, R

jenelle said... least no caffeinated coffee for me, Rach! I'm still havin' a little black and green teas...but compared to the amount of high-test I was consuming, these little tea cups will be nothing. Just for the record, though, I'm not going straight-edged. I'm just trying to let go of drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day.

Anonymous said...

Did I read your blog right?? Did it really say no caffeine? Are you sure you don't want to give up liver or grits or something?? Just kidding. I'll do my best not to be a temptress next time we're in the same city :) love, sowada

jenelle said...

sowada! I knew this one would draw a response from you! well...they say decaf coffee still has a few milligrams. you'll just have to bear with my wimpy decaf orders. can't WAIT till we're in the same city again to share a cup.

lisa said...

it's 1am in london and i'm wide awake since it's only 5pm by my LA body clock. good luck on the decaf orders. man! i've been missing my portuguese coffee breaks :-(

jenelle said...

blessings of Rest on your body-clock, Lisa! I'm still sicky after almost a week...boy do I miss those meia d. leite's in Estoril!