Thursday, January 11

Here Froggy, Froggy

We interrupt this conversation on spiritual warfare to report that the Nelly is still sick. But she will post Part 2 of "The Militancy of Worship" soon. Perhaps you could pray for her germs to fly, fly away.

As my five-year old cousin, Annabelle, would say, "There's a frog in my throat."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Honey:
I hope this is an older post and that you're not feeling "froggy" again. I've got the "froggy" throat syndrome now, but without the overall discomfort you had experienced. I just received your email at work, 6 days late. It had been blocked by our firewall because of the embedded link in the text. I pray that all is well in California and that your class is going well. Il Dios benedicas il mio angielleto. Ti amo.