Saturday, January 6

Most Vivid Dreams - Part 2

I am a little sick and have been sleeping a lot. More sleep makes for more dreams, I say. In this second edition of my dream recollections you'll find Bingo, structure, golf, and my not knowing how to do things appropriately. Again, any interpretations welcome! (You can find Part 1 here: Most Vivid Dreams.)

I walked into a packed classroom with long rows of about 10 desks and 6 rows deep. There were only women in the classroom. The atmosphere was so serious. The teacher was a man, but a young one. He went around and policed everyone to make sure we each had our school supplies. Strangely, though, the only supplies that mattered consisted of a horrendously large Bingo card (I'm talking 30 x 30 instead of 5 x 5), and some sort of Bingo markers. It was cooler to have one of those Bingo-inkers, rather than just little pieces of circular plastic.

I was in the front row. I remembered that Elise was in the middle rows behind me. Teacher-boy started calling out numbers, but I could never hear him, so I had to ask the girl next to me. I thought I was doing pretty good and had some long horizontal lines filled up, but then realized that I didn't know the rules. Which horizontal lines counted for Bingo? And do I yell Bingo? And why were we playing? Everyone was so serious in the room.

Then teacher-boy loosened up and started playing his guitar. He was trying to play some new song and was stuck on which chord came next. So he singled me out and asked me how to play a B-14th. I had no idea (it sounds like a Vitamin, not a guitar chord), but I immediately pointed to Elise and said, "She knows, I'm sure. Ask her."

Then he jaunts out of the classroom and starts singing. It didn't sound bad. Good, actually. He was singing a song I couldn't place. Ray LaMontagne? Phil Wickham? Elise and I looked at each other for a second because he sounded surprisingly good. She rolled her eyes at me, though, when I said he was singing Ray or Phil, because I was way off. And so we left the room to hear him sing.

Shortly after we entered the new classroom where teacher-boy was jamming out, the room stretched and tons more women showed up. They were all professional cheerleaders and dancers. They were doing all sorts of choreographed stuff. I was just watching from a distance.

Then I was in a kitchen in Maryland, holding lots of my bank receipts. They were receipts from my old account in Portugal, but they were written in English. (Strange.) They alerted me to the fact that I only had 20 Euros left in my account. And my Mom was telling me I had to put gas in the car.

Then a group of boys from The Burn (the youth group I lead) were doing skits a'la an after school special. They were very well written and almost like a sitcom. I kept wondering who wrote the skits. The one boy's character hated the spice, cumin, and anything that called for cumin. (Chili, for example.)

All of a sudden I was on a golf course in Europe. It was really dark, though, and it seemed like I was playing night-golf. My Dad and brother were there, too. An Italian guy who owned the golf course was trying to help me out by getting me connected with other course-owners. He had to take me on this gigantic outdoor elevator to bring me there, though, and I didn't know how to operate it. There were loads of people on it, too. Because I didn't know how to operate it I fell off of it and died.

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