Sunday, May 20

5K + Safe Dunking

That 5k was oddly fun. I don't know why, really. It was awfully early for me to be up. And I used to hate running and thought that anyone who claimed to enjoy it took weirdo pills. I think I'm just getting addicted to whatever those drugs are that your body produces when you run. I ended up going a lot faster than I meant to and finished 5 minutes sooner than I expected. (That was fun.) Now I just want to run in another and better my time.

The best part was at the half-way mark when they hand you water as you run by, but you only take 1/4 sip, pour the rest on your face, and dramatically throw the cup in the grass. I felt like a pro. But then felt guilty for littering.

The flower-lined street was bloomless. Sad. But the air on the street was heavy with honeysuckles, so that pushed my lungs through the last mile.

Then at the finish line I found a great friend from high school whom I hadn't hugged in 10 years. We used to pass notes in 10th grade Latin class about the boys we wanted to kiss, and other sundries. She ended up marrying one of those boys. Crazy.

Well, I took Brian Heasley's advice and made sure no one drowned as I dunked them today. Ended up getting to baptize two girls from the youth group, after all. I almost cannonballed into the pool to get our head pastor soaked, but then my grown-up side woke up and I stopped myself mid-splash. Still got a good laugh.

I'm super-knackered after a long day, especially because I only slept 4 hours last night on account of being so excited for today. Flying out to visit family in Florida tomorrow. Should help with my white legs.


Rachel said...

Glad to hear that the day's events were a success! Enjoy working on that tan. : )

lisa said...

I'd like to see that counter say you've worked it down to 9 or 8 papers now.

love from your nag-like-a-mom-friend.

Arianna said...

Laurel and I did a celebratory summer 5K last weekend: she annihilated me!
I`m excited that we will be in the same state for a short time!

jesse said...

i miss you nelly! i received your hug from sue the other day....thank you!!!
i am sitting next to dane and happy to be in portugal!
love you and miss you!

Rachel said...

9 papers! congratulations, and keep up the good work!

Mel said...

I am still hoping that one day I will get some of those "i love running pills." I'm hoping that being forced to walk/run around the block and at the park with my dog will get me addicted to the happy running drugs too. :) I am so out of shape.. sheesh.

Did you greet the honeysuckles?

Agent B said...

Yes, weirdo pills exactly. Glad you found some.

Hope the run was fun.

jenniferjoan said...

Hi friend...I finally wrote something. You're the best :)

math maven said...

Running is great. Instead of weirdo pills, I have a dog that drops my running shoes on my face at 7am. Love you.