Wednesday, May 2

B-sides on Time - Take 1

When I was a little girl, I was horrifically afraid of throat cultures. I was really quite a sight to see. The doctor would be poised and ready with his long cotton swab, and I'd freak out and insist that we stop and that my Mama pray for me, the nurse pray for me, anyone! even you, doc, pray for me!

My doctors were always (understandably) irritated by my tantrums. Sometimes it'd take a half-hour to get me to calm down long enough for the guy to cotton swab the back of my swollen throat.

I distinctly remember what one doctor said about me after one of my freak-out episodes. I'm still unsure why he said this, except that maybe he'd never before encountered such an annoyingly strong will to resist the throat-swab.

"She is a type-A child."

Looking at myself today, I can't imagine a more imprecise description of me. (I even wonder if I've grown up rebelling against this doctor's assumption?) In fact, sometimes I'm such a Type-B personality that I can't seem to get anything done. (And it doesn't bother me much either, some of the time.) I pretty much think the Western world needs to relax a bit. Put on some reggae or something.

Maybe I'm more of a mix between the A/B worlds, but I'm definitely more on the B-side. What side are you?

Well, regardless, I've created a new project to begin managing my time better. I think I'm going to post about it over the next few days, because I finally feel like I'm beginning to grow up in this area of my life. And that feels nice.

(Photo by: Claudecf)


lisa said...

Well, I'd say I'm a type B. For instance, I would prefer to make a cup of tea than do my work :-) At least I have my priorities straight!

Jenelle said...

A woman after my own heart! That's why I like you so much, Lisa. Well, one of a thousand reasons, actually...

cari said...

Hi Nelly,
Thanks for the comments here and there. Maybe we can talk on the phone sometime. I got a new number. It's just like the old one, only it ends: 6423. And the voicemail isn't mine yet. Maybe I can call you tomorrow. Hope your weather and heart are lovely. Pick up Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird if you haven't already. You'd like it.