Friday, May 18

I Just Want to Play

I am an eight year old trapped in a twenty seven-year old's body. I really just would like to play now, please. But I have 3 weeks of class and about 10 papers left to write. (Along with many, many other non-academic projects due.) I'm learning that I get things done most efficiently when I can do something fun at the same time. I have to con myself into finishing projects by multi-tasking play in the midst of the work.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been actually growing excited when it's time to listen to my online lectures! Do you know what I do while I listen to hour long lectures? I make recycled envelopes! It really does seem to help me listen more critically if I can simultaneously play with scissors, glue, and weird paper/maps/liner-notes. I'm afraid I'm regressing from grad school to pre-K.

Lately people have been mistaking me for much younger. A week or two ago, this lady said, "Oh! I really want you to meet my friend! She's just your old are you?"


"Oh! Well, she's about 20 or 21. But when are you going to start looking your age, darling!"

It doesn't bother me much. I'm afraid of growing up and growing boring.

(Kids playing in the rainbow photo by Brimley).


Rachel said...

oh how i relate. i would much rather be frolicking outside than doing any 'work.'

and, about the age thing, a couple of months ago, i was doing an observation at a high school near here and the police officer who saw me in the hallway almost told me to go back to class.

my biggest fear, i think, is growing boring and i'll take the youthfulness as long as it doesn't keep me from being taken seriously. ; )

Jenelle said...

I wish we could go play outside on the dunes.

Arianna said...

I also am afraid of growing "up." Oh, growing is just fine, if it means I can still run around barefoot outside and read books in my bed and drink out of the garden hose and not care if my clothes match.
Perhaps I`m just terrified of responsiblity.

Mel said...

More and more these days I'm feeling trapped by work on every side. I long for play time too.

You are so creative though nelly, I would never think to make recycled envelopes! If you ever send me a letter, you should send it in one of those that you made. I would treasure it! You and Janers always were the artsy cool ones. :)

Les said...

I read a quote once that said something like:

"I wished I'd run barefoot in the spring, picked more daisies and rode on more merry-go-rounds"

I am fortunate in having kids but in churches there are plenty of families that appreciate the company.

I slide down slides, swing on swings, climb up into the helicopter of the McDonald's playground.

Even in the middle of my exams I still roll on the grass with the kids.

Jenelle said...

I hope that you will still run around barefoot and drink from the garden hose even when you are 82. It makes me happy imagining you so.

Jenelle said...

Thanks for your sweet words. It's really easy to unwind from work... You should just break out the old magazines and bring some glue and scissors and go nuts.

Jenelle said...

You're an excellent role model for play. Thanks for dropping in. I like that quote you mentioned.

Agent B said...

Good post, gal.

Life is too short. Enjoy it and play lots.

Jenelle said...

Thanks, Agent B. I think I will play lots. Spoken like a true agent of the CEO!

Mimo said...

Haha, I get that a lot too! I have lots of funny stories on that front. People usually always think I'm younger than I am..And by 5 or 6 years even! At least 1 or 2, always. Heh. So I can relate. I'll like it definitely when I am 40 =)


IZenBet said...

funny that you're a year up on me and get the blessing of looking young. i constantly get assumed for two or more years older!

take care!

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