Saturday, May 26

My "Real" Age is 24.4?

So I was lured into this silly Real Age test because I wanted it to tell me that I don't have to grow up, after all. Survey says I'm actually 3 years younger, in terms of health. Wooo. The questions asked were really interesting: measuring health/stressy levels according to all sorts of things that we normally overlook. The most difficult survey for me to answer wasn't the "Really now, how often do you floss?" question. It was this one:

How many of your close friends and relatives do you see AT LEAST once per month?

X None
_ One or two
_ Three to five
_ Six to nine
_ Ten or more

(I guess I should've counted my parents and little brother, but the reality is that my closest friends all live in various other time zones. I realize that this is just the nature of the weird transition season I'm in. But it still really stinks.)

Some of their recommendations include: stop talking on your cell phone while driving, consume more potassium, please stop speeding, get your cholesterol checked, and own a dog if possible. (No thanks, I've already been converted to kind kitties only.)

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