Saturday, May 19

A Couple of Firsts

On Sunday I'm going to do two things I've never done before, and all before mid-day! I'm awfully excited for both.

One, I'm running in my first 5k. It's through my little historic town, and very close to the route I usually run with the windy streets that have the enormous red, pink, and white flowers. (Forgive me, I'm terrible with flower names. I always forget them. Maybe I should start introducing myself to the flowers and including their name in my conversation numerous times, like good Young Life leaders do. Why, hello, Rhododendron! How is your day going, Rhododendron? Well, you know what they say about rainy days, Rhododendron...).

At first I decided my 5k goal was to simply beat the time of the first girl I recognized from last year's online records of the race. (Fair enough.) But then I decided that that's silly. I don't even wear a watch. So I'll just enjoy my first ever road race and make it my goal to run on an even pace and notably try to smile toward the flowers.

And then! After a fast shower I'll head over to the church where I'm helping to baptize a lovely middle school gal, named Alleigh. She is a darling. I mentioned her before as one of the midnight watchers for our 24-7 prayer room in March. She asked that her Mama and I baptize her. I'm so honored. I've never done a baptism before. Hope I don't forget to pack my change of dry clothes after all of the town running fun. (I'm sure I will forget, actually.)

If any of you have suggestions for either of my firsts, I'll take 'em happily.

(Photo above from Colin Borden's baptism at Guincho. I love this photo, eventhough I missed the party.)


Brian Heasley said...

Jenelle thanks for the piles of advice you have given me, make sure she holds her nose when you dunk her, and don't anybody wear a white tshirt (see through issues)

lisa said...

I like that Brian's advice is so practical :-) I like that you have that photo of our Colin's baptism. That was probably the most magical of our final evenings in Portugal. Having now read the post after this one, I like that you loved doing the run and that you did better than you expected yourself to do and that you got to dunk the two girls. It's morning in East Africa and I like that I'm here.