Wednesday, August 15

And You Turn Yourself Around

"Hello," said Jenelle will be undergoing some turns and revisions in the coming days. This blog's 1st birthday is somewhere around now, so I'm putting a new dress on her. (She does the hokey pokey and she turns herself around.)

In the meantime, you are hereby poked by me to share your most immediate memory of growing up and singing that "Hokey Pokey" song.

I remember doing the Hokey Pokey at the roller skating rink in Waldorf. I was never very stable on skates so I had to poise all of my inner thoughts on not falling down as we were "doing the hokey pokey and turn[ing]" ourselves around. I was nine and wore neon MC Hammer pants and had a crush on a boy named Israel.

(Photo by Fredo Alvarez)


elizabeth said...

i also did the hokey pokey at the skating rink in TN. And my favorite part was at the end where we got on our knees and banged on the floor. Um, yeah. It was way fun...

Jenelle said...

I used to like "couples skate," too, I confess.

Anonymous said...

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