Sunday, August 26

Off to Africa

In just a matter of hours I'm getting on a plane to Africa. My destination: the Borden's house in Tanzania. I'll spend a couple of weeks with these dear friends who are more like family, living alongside of them, and getting a feel for what life is like working with their Wild Hope International.

I'll post as I can. This is my first trip to Africa and I'm thrilled for the adventure. But, no matter where the Bordens were in the world, I'd be excited to spend time with them. It's less about the place and more about the people, if you know what I mean.

I'm very grateful for this space in my life to do such crazy things. And for frequent flier miles. (Thanks for the help, Mama!)


Sue said...

Yes, it is about the people...fabulously good people. Twice the goodies to also be in and experience Africa. My first time out of the country was to Africa. Memories : not wanting to be white nor to stand out as the wealthy one, thinking we tipped a kind soul well enough for his guiding us in the right direction on a hike and only found his disgust with our lack of acknowledging how great his need was, loving the beautiful and curious childrens faces smiling all around us,and hearing the little children calling out, "Give me my pen!" I would have brought pens if I only knew!

May you find joy in every step!

Anonymous said...

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