Monday, August 13

Rucksack Update; or, Clubbing Robots

Thanks very much for the prayers on behalf of my rucksack. I am at a conference in Hungary and have been feeling awfully bohemian in my lack of clothing. But I sort of get a kick out of that, I suppose.

Well, the Iberia web site tells me this exciting, but rather uninformative news:

Which means, I think, that the bag is definitely located somewhere in the known universe.

So I called the happy Iberian hotline whose robots told me,
"The call center is busy, please stay on the line, thank you," every 30 seconds until my call was disconnected, 30 minutes later. I had just decided that after waiting 34 minutes I'd hang up, so I felt like the friendly Skype internet telephone robots were trying to beat me at my own game.

Most of the important information on Iberia's site is in Spanish, but I managed to figure out that if you send a special almost-morse-code message via cell phone, their happy computer robots (might) text back with some info on your lost bag. So I sent my almost-morse-code message with my bag tag number and wrote: Solicito la informaciĆ³n sobre la localizaciĆ³n de mi bolso. (Muchos Gracias for Altavista's robot translators.)

To translate, my text message to Iberia basically said, "Please send me some news about my rucksack that I can put in some Hungarian goulash and actually chew on."

But I have the vague feeling that robots in Spain go out clubbing at night, and probably don't answer their work messages. That's probably why I haven't heard back from them. I hope they at least eat some tapas for me.

Continued words to the CEO of the Universe are welcomed.


elizabeth said...

This has nothing to do with your bag (still praying) but I read this today:

"Say not, 'Why were the former days better than these?' For it is not from wisdom that you ask this." - Ecc 6:10

Jenelle said...


Thank you for those words. I would like to wear wisdom like a shawl.

halline said...

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