Tuesday, August 7

Well, To Be Honest

I can't get past the strange feeling that I never really left Portugal, but that I just happened to go on a really long vacation. A year long vacation. And I took all my stuff with me.

I've gone to a few of my old favorite places--the Salamandra with Jasmin, the Indian restaurant with Cristina, Caffe Girassol with Jesus (though I'm a terrible friend to him) and with the journal in which we converse. And each of these places somehow doesn't reek with sentimentality, as I'd expected. It just seems like I never left. And this is strange.

You could say that I'm still twirling around the notion of "home" like a pinwheel in an uncertain, but pleasant ocean breeze.

(Photo from the Lisbon Underground with Cristina J. in the foreground)


lisa said...

nice photo, nelly!

Amy said...

Hey, friend!
I was in Russia this spring after being gone for SIX years and I had the same feeling... like I'd just dreamt the life I'd been leading then just woke up at "home" again. I'm jealous you get to stay for 6 weeks, though! See you in class! :) - AG

mamarosa said...

Jenella Bella:
Mom and I were just going through your blog and when we came across this photo we just had to say hello. Remember, we are allowed to miss Portugal, too. Maybe not to the degree that you do, but to the degree that a two week visit can yield. Our vacation is on its last day and I am getting uneasy about returning to work on Monday. Your blog is looking great and your words continue to paint pictures. We love you so much. Enjoy your re-visitation of Portugal, and the rest of your journey.
Il Dio Benedicas il Mio Angieletto.
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

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