Tuesday, August 14

Rucksack Found!

Thank you, Jesus. And all of you who prayed my bag of clothes back to me. A nice reunion in Sopron, Hungary, after nearly four days!


mama rosa said...

KUDOS to the CEO of our universe!!!
Thank You God for answered prayer!!!!!!

Sue said...

Woo Hoo! Lovely to see your beautiful smiling face at us. Emily gasped and said, "There's Nelly" while reading Bedtime for Frances outloud as I "work" so she can later watch a video. Yes, sometimes I use bribery when my ideas aren't what they want to do. Tee Hee! Wishing you HAPPY DAYS!

Sue said...

By the way...great hair! Your brother's classmate would once again be impressed with your style and wonder how she could have it also!

Jesse said...

i love you and miss you.
where are you? how are you?
and email me an update.

tony sheng said...

Hi Jenelle, great to have met you at Connect. Cool blog, I'll be subscribing.

Anonymous said...

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