Monday, September 3

Travel Log #02: On the Way to Tanzania

Well, I arrived in Nairobi, and then took the lovely, long, beautiful (but bumpy) Impala Bus ride to Arusha, Tanzania, where the Bordens threw their arms around me.

I happened to sit on the not-as-scenic side of the bus because I missed most of Mt. Kilimangaro. But my side caught the Maasai tribe and the trees and the Kenyan skies blending into Tanzanian skies. (So there.)

So here's another 2 minutes of lo-fi adventure for you as you sit next to me.

(Thanks so much, Janers, for the camera...can you believe what great video it takes?!)

Will try to post more soon. There is so much to say, but the internet here in East Africa is shoddy, at best. The electricity has been out every other day!

(Drum circle beats by the wild men: Jesse, Trevor, Colin, Skyler, and Chase.)


Sue said...

WooHoo! Thanks for bringing us along on your ride. Fabulous music to view God's amazing land of Africa. Your list is perfect and your heart will never be the same, you know. TeeHee...I think that is how God made you --interested in a fresh, live, beating, continually changed heart for all those amazing experiences He draws you into with His sweet calling voice!! Hugs to you!

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