Friday, September 21

People Shouldn't Be Bought & Sold

Make a step towards becoming an Abolitionist. Today is the last day to vote for Justice for Children International on the Myspace Impact awards. JFCI is a close friend of 24-7 Prayer and Stop the Traffik, and they are doing marvelous things to stop the buying and selling of children in the global sex-trade. (And yes, the sex-trade is alive and well, even in the USA.)

Justice for Children would really benefit from the $10k that Myspace will award to the winner.

If you are a Myspace user:
1. Sign in.
2. To vote, click here. JFCI is the first box on the left, once you scroll down.

Voting closes at midnight tonight. Tell all your homeys.

135 second video on JFCI's work:

Read more. Awaken awareness:
Stop the Traffik
Justice for Children International

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