Wednesday, September 26

Post Script: EKGs and Pterodactyls

Upon further review, I now realize that it was a naive oversight to use the idea of hearts palpitating and prophylactics in the same blog-title. I hope that the tiny corner of blogdom that walks across this "Hello" mat did not find me crude or racy. It was wholly unintended. (Cheers, Brian, for being the first to point it out in the commentary.)

I must say, there is a longer, sassier story attached to those malaria prophylactics, and how I first acquired them from Walmart. The pharmacist had given me expired pills, initially. This was not good. I happened to notice the very-fine print on the package before I got on the plane for Africa. And so, very gently (but clearly) I helped the pharmacist understand what a risk this could have been for me, and for Walmart. (There was very little argument.) I walked out with the $80 pack of medicine for free, plus some more cash. I love confrontation!

Needless to say, we're no longer using the Walmart pharmacy. We switched over to the small-town joint that's closed on Sundays. I like that a lot better. I've just secured some new malarial pterodactyls (a'la "doxy-bicycles") from the new pharmacy, and will begin using them tonight.

Mama says that doxycycline is very strong and could make me vomit. So tonight we will see if I've inherited my Father's "cast-iron" stomach, or my Mama's "kinder, gentler" belly.

(Surprised girl by Incinerator)


Sue said...

Well done, Jenelle!
May you have a bit of both for whatever the moment may demand.

a girl who collects shells said...

Vomitting is one of my least favourite activities.
I really hope that you have a stomach of steel.

jessica said...

Back home we always used the local Pharmacy (except for a stint when they closed after the tornado hit). We love the way they know you in there. And you can stop next door and visit Mimi our Dry Cleaner! I miss MD, but we have found our own local Pharmacy within walking distance from the house and they are wonderful. The pharmacy has been around for years and is named after the owner/head pharmacist who is knowledgeable and caring. Hope you're doing well.

I love the video you did for Wild Hope!

Anonymous said...

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