Friday, September 21

Giggle, Inwardly

Things That Are Making Me Giggle Inwardly

1. After I've been back in the States for over a year, I get this nice email from the Portuguese embassy asking me politely, "Do you still need a visa for Portugal?" My visa was "in process" for 3.5 years.
2. I am going to be a little old lady in Pasadena in less than 10 days! I will make my home there, with the wonderful Klein family. (Well, it is really Altadena. But who's counting.)
3. I keep talking to people about "my bike" as if I already own a bike in California. (I like imagining me riding to "my new job at Peet's coffee" as if it is also already mine.)
4. I have successfully cleaned out my psychotic email inbox from 1000 emails down to 15. All apologies if you've only just received a reply to an email you sent me in June.
5. Since I had unanswered emails going back to 2006, I learned I've been using a recalled-battery for my iBook (her name is Pearl). For over a year I've used a Pearl that could've overheated and caught fire.
6. I missed a phone date last night at 9pm because I was already asleep. Jetlerium does strange things to little girls.
7. Remembering the size of the produce in England. I left my baby zucchini there.
8. Right now, 100 business cards are being printed for my new freelance writing/editing business...Fresh Green Writing!


Sue said...

WooHoo! 100 business cards for Fresh Green Writing!
We are counting down til we see you once again giggling inwardly!!

jesse said...

i love you!
good day whatever time it may be where you are.

cari said...

Business cards!

Yay for "your bike", but Nelly, Pete's Coffee? Oh no!

elizabeth said...

and speaking of power cord shorted out, got a hole in it, and started sparking and smoking. it was awesome. needless to say, my computer is dead. more pictures as soon as the nice people at apple send me a new cord!

Jenelle said...

Elizabeth, Thanks for bearing with my sassafrass.I'm thankful to know its just a smoked Apple and not you giving up on a photo a day.

halline said...

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