Saturday, November 3

Haiku, For Joy

Joy strains to find her
Late at night there is stirring-
November arrives.

Very impressive where's waldo-ing, particularly as I have not yet met Joy face-to-face. Yes, I have met joy, and we shake hands and then play dodgeball. (Or, we play dodgeball and then shake hands?) But I have not yet met Joy.

"One for sorrow, two for joy." -The Innocence Mission

(Haiku hacker image by Elijah)


a girl who collects shells said...

ohhh, two
for joy.
great poet.

Melissa said...

i like it. :)

Joy said...

i am honored. i spy books keep me occupied for hours, can you tell? haha. thanks, nelly :)

Jenelle said...

Joy, you are honorable. I think that was the first haiku I've written in years. I'm hooked now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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