Monday, November 19

Mobile upload. Missing the Train.

The nice thing about missing the train is...having coffee with a great friend, instead. Ladies and gents, I give you Trevor Borden's wise hand.


lisa far away said...

The good thing about sharpie instead of tattoo is that the message can change daily. Perhaps tomorrow it could read, "Simply Love. Live Lots."


gypsymelodies said...

oh, i love you, and trevor, and lisa. yay:)

what i don't love, however, is pulling all-nighters for essays and exams (and professors who collaborate to schedule these all together for the day before break!) bless them!

lol. sorry about your bike seat. happy noche.

lisa, far away said...

well, i won't speak for the others, but as for me... i love you too!

Jenelle said...

Lisa, you make me grin. You've raised good boys. They make good brothers. Do you know that for almost every one of my trips to SB, Trevor ends up accompanying me to the train station and carries my bag wherever I go? We've agreed to call him my "transit visa."

And Jesse! He organized such a nice birthday bonfire for us! Elise, Trevor, and Lucas all felt so loved.

And I love you, three!

Jenelle said...

Cari, dear,
I'm so sorry about your professors and their conspiracy! I will see you soon, though, I hope! I love you, four.

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