Monday, November 12

Streams for Sunday: Wordy

On a completely different note, I laughed harder at Disneyland then I have in many many months. Space Mountain is the most excellent ride on the planet, and it took away my voice until noon today. I learned that I could become addicted to Dance, Dance, Revolution, though I am a terrible dancer. And Disney's rocks after dark! Their 80's cover band showed me that Sarah and Elise are phenomenal dancers, particularly when they have one third of the dance floor all to themselves, and when Elise kicks off her shoes and wears the white socks. Oh my. It was all so hysterically wonderful.


Melissa said...

you make me think. I like that.

Pam said...

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! It rocks! I am a pretty bad dancer as well...and well that is being generous with myself...but the game, oh it is SO fun. And I too, I like words, however, I fail to use them correctly most often!

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