Tuesday, November 20

I Am

I am asked to impersonate Cinderella, on occasion.

I am taking Echinacea and the letter C in a preemptive attack on you, germs.

I am wondering how to get a Ph.D for free.

I am a collector of old paper goods that fold well.

I am sure that we fold well into each other when we are honest.

I am driven by the possibility of collectively unlocking the 90% latent creativity unused by the human brain.

I am convinced that the smartest principles are the ones Jesus taught.

I am glad when I notice that my friends are accidentally prophesying hope to each other.

I am motivated by seeing lives transformed incrementally. In the small moments that seem insignificant.

I am writing it all down.

(Photo by Pixelberber)


lisa, far away said...

And how is it that IN ALL MY LIFE I have NEVER seen you impersonate Cinderella??? I feel deprived!

Joy said...

ahh...this is lovely.

i, too, am motivated by the small moments. they're beautiful, aren't they?

Melissa said...

I've never seen you impersonate Cinderella either. I think a performance is in order... :)

I like your list. And the picture is great too. Reminds me of that t-shirt from NST back in the day...

Jenelle said...

Lisa and Melissa,
Cinderella a new thing. Hopefully when Elise starts blogging she'll explain it better. She instigated it.

Jenelle said...

Joy, you are lovely. Thanks for reading.

Jenelle said...

I can't picture what NST shirt that was, though?

Melissa said...

I will risk messing up the greek to describe it. Its light blue and on the front in greek letters says "EGO EMI" (sp??) which is supposedly translated as I AM. behind those words in yellow, and written backwords is the phrase, "its not about me." You can only read the yellow words when looking in the mirror. the back has a collage of pictures from NST. I kept this shirt because i like it. Ring any bells?