Sunday, November 18

Sad Mobile Upload. Stolen seat.

Late breaking news in the travel adventure. Someone stole my nice new bike seat with the great shocks. The wheel and axle were locked up, but how do you lock up a seat? Trying real hard to bless instead of cursing right now. Lord let the person who sits on that nice cushy seat have a radical encounter with you. And let me find a new seat tomorrow, please. Yeah.


Agent B said...

Man...I sure feel sorry for the person who has to ride that thing home now. Eh...

...hope someone gives you & the bike a lift.


Jenelle said...

Agent B,
Yeah, I got a lift.

I just made a phone call and I actually think I might have some unknown purchase insurance on the thing, so maybe I won't have to pay for the new seat, after all. We'll see.

lisa said...

Oh that's so sad! Pole sana! You'll have to get Dan to think about a way to look the next seat on. Surely he can rig something.

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