Friday, November 16

"Hello," said You.

Thank you, one and all. A creative bunch, you are. I like birthdays. Thank you for humoring my weird birthday wish. I will continue to post any new photos as you email them to me. Look at all these beautiful people!

***Update: New transatlantic photos at the bottom!

Mama and Papa in Maryland (photo in Hawaii)

Baby Drake (standing in/sleeping in for Joy)

Pam and friends (Arusha, Tanzania)
(Sweet "Hello" in Swahili-ness!)

Morgan, Emily, Bruce, Allison, and Ziggy the Cat (Altadena, CA)
(I live in their house.)

Mack (Altadena, CA)
(I also live in her house.
It's the same house. Big happy family.)

Melissa (South Carolina)

Lisa (Arusha, Tanzania)

Cari (Santa Barbara - but her heart is in the Pacific NW)

Sweet Jane and Tilly (Prague, Czech Republic)

Heather (Arusha, Tanzania)

Byron (a.k.a. Captain Borgan), Chai, and Chapatis! (Some nice breakfast table in Tanzania)

Bill and Tina (Porto, Portugal via East Africa)

Colin (Arusha, Tanzania)

Dan and Sue (Altadena, CA)
(Mama and Papa of the Klein house)

Arianna (Santa Barbara, CA)


gypsymelodies said...

Happy birthday Jenelle!
here's to it being lovely in lots of unexpected ways:)

lisa on your birthday! said...

oh happy birthday best birthday girl! we are sending love and love and kisses and hugs and we miss yous and wish you were heres and gosh you're wonderfuls and geez how did we manage before we knew yous and you are cute as a buttons and life is so much better with yous and please come see us agains!

over here in east africa, we raise our glasses and toast one wonderful nelly!

we love you to pieces!

Melissa said...

happy birthday nelly! I may be sending you some more birthday images from cool places in new england later today. keep an eye on your text messages and your email. :) love you!

Agent B said...

Great b-day post.

All the best! And happy birthday.

a girl who collects shells said...

the diaper one.
is my favourite.
as are you.

Anonymous said...

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