Tuesday, June 19

24-7 Prayer Week

Yesterday we kicked off a 24-7 Prayer week at my church. Sunday morning about 10 middle and high school kiddos transformed my office into the prayer room while sweating, laughing, and eating Doritos.

We're about 30 hours into it and we've had a pretty much unbroken chain of prayer, much to my surprise. This afternoon I left the room because I needed to sleep, not freaking out that I was "breaking the chain." I returned to find out that one of our awesome maintenance guys had taken the room once I left. So great.

If you are anywhere in the MD/VA area and want to come be a part of it, let me know. (I'd love to see you and serve you hot coffee, too.) Here's our online sign-ups if you wanna jump in. Our last hour will be 3:00pm on Sunday, June 24th: Click here, champ.

It is very fun to see people sign-up out of curiosity (or to "make Jenelle happy") and then to watch them leave the room jazzed by God's Presence, and then immediately signing up for more hours. Today a guy left the prayer room and then asked me if there is need for more people to go out of the country to do missions work!

I love 24-7 prayer. It is so fun. God does stuff when you give him the space and invite others inside.

It is midnight and two teenage girls are staying up with me to unlock the big church doors and let older people in for their late night hours.

(Photo of Lisbon's lovely Monument to the Portuguese Explorers)


lisa said...

bom dia! (i keep saying that with great confidence to people here who look at my and wonder what i'm jabbering about. oh yea, the portuguese left here hundreds of years ago and actually, they were probably never this far up the country. sigh. i'll get it straight.)

so nice that you are in a prayer week. such a good way for a community to spend a week :-)

i love the way you're not exactly fading out of your job. going out with a prayer room culmination is pretty hot.

lisa said...

ps The Wood Song is playing which makes me think of you and E fighting your way through it :-)

Jenelle said...

I think you should def. keep saying bom dia! Maybe it'll catch on in Swahili.

I laughed aloud when you said that hot bit about going out with a prayer room.

Ahhh...the Wood Song. Memories... all alone in the moonlight.