Thursday, June 28

Power to the People, Mama

This is a public service announcement to you, the people.

Being that the latest poll vote was split across party lines, I've compromised concerning the auto-magically starting music.

Henceforth, thou shalt click the red Last-fm box if thou desirests to partake. No more insta-indie (here comes the brand new flavor) in your ear.

All apologies for any inconveniences caused by said music.

(Photo by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)


Rachel said...

love the new may inspire me to put some form of portugal in my banner at some point. ; )

Jenelle said...

Yes! Portugal sits in our banners!
I need to figure out how to get that photo bigger. I need photoshop. Tired of editing with Word and iPhoto.

Rachel said...

Actually, I sort of just realized that Portugal is already IN my banner. The sand photo is a shot of Guincho at sunrise before any of the day's footprints.