Wednesday, June 6

"Little girl, I say to you, get up"

Last night I dreamt that I was in a European square near a riverfront. There were loads of people around and live musicians playing happy music. I was sitting down, looking bored, and just trying to blend into the scenery. All of a sudden, Arianna emerged, and she insisted that I get up and dance. I fussed and moaned (I'm really not a hot dancer), but she persisted that I was missing something in the music. She pulled me along and led me in a ballroom dance all around. We even danced up and down big European steps that led from the square. I was a sight!

At times I got lazy and she had to ask me to stop dragging my feet and to please just follow her. I had no idea what I was doing with my feet, but I was giggling a lot. When the music stopped, we were down near the river's edge. We hugged and I laughed.

I woke up feeling so happy and assured. There's so much going on in my life right now that I'm not sure where to step forward first. I guess I'm feeling like the Nelly that was sitting down bored in the square, paralyzed with uncertainty. It seems that last night Jesus showed up in my dream in the form of my dear new friend, Arianna, to encourage me up to dance, and to please not be afraid. I just need to hang on to him while we he leads and we listen to the music. And then we'll hug and I'll laugh.

(Photo by Carolink)


10,000 white doves said...

Little Girl,
Thank you for sharing this. I had peculiar dreams last evening involving smoking and a boy from Canada. My sleep was stilted and fitful.
I find it such a curiousity that thousands of miles away you were dreaming perhaps at the same time as I was, something quite different.
Sometimes I do not hear like a good listener should, and I refuse to obey simply because. I'm overjoyed we danced together.
Looking forward to the next,

Jenelle said...

You were the one taking all the risks in my dream. You didn't care who was watching us, you had us weaving in and out through such a large crowd. Perhaps He wants to speak that over you, in some delicate assurance.