Friday, June 29

Child of 70's: Flight Suits

It has been hereby established that, though I was born in November of 1979, I am yet a child of the 70's. Let me see if I've got this right. Lisa reminded me that in such days, angel flight suits were hot.

Blue Angel Flight.

(Photo: Picture Taker 2)

Blue Angel Flight Suit.

(Photo: Flight Deck)

Angel Flight Suits - A Brady Bunch

(Photo: Brady Bunch Shrine)


lisa said...

The Angel Flight pants were real cool in about '76. Yep. That whole Brady look, that was it. It's good those days are passed.

lisa said...

Oooooh! I just found this site that calls Angel Flight pants the Holy Grail of disco wear and claims they are collector items today, selling for $250 a pair. Yah! If I only had money to burn I would buy some for Marty :-)

Jenelle said...

Neither of my New Yorker parents knew anything of the flight suits. I wonder if they were more of a West Coast thing?

Jenelle said...

I think Dane already found Marty's flight pants. Did you see the pictures from his St. Dom's prom?

lisa said...

Hey, no I didn't view the Danester in prom gear yet. BTW, Dane and Trev are in ZANZIBAR for an adventure, staying in a little hotel ON THE BEACH where the water is WARM and BLUE and CLEAR! They are having a side-trip before we get into the other stuff next week. Carly calls it their "Manly Trip" cuz it's their "We just graduated and are going on an adventure" trip. I am so happy for them :-)

Jenelle said...

This makes me so happy. I know that Trevor was scheming that trip for quite a long time. Manly, it is!

Anonymous said...

Angel Flight Suits were cool in the 70's. I remember the vests were worn tight and had at least a dozen little wooden buttons, andyou left the bottom button "not buttoned" The pants were tight or looked like they were "sprayed on" and the bottoms were super flaired and with the two inch platform shoes, it looked like you were gliding when you walked by! Man, we were cool!!